7 Comments on “Personal Story – St. Vincent Orphanage in Chicago”

  1. I worked at St Vincent’s from 64 to 71. We loved the babies, children and frightened expectant mothers. Thank you for your video!


    Kathleen Finnegan.

  2. I was a baby at St. Vincent’s in 1970. I was born in March but wasn’t adopted until the end of August. If anyone remembers baby girl Mary Anne, please reach out.
    Kelly Justic (kellyjustic@gmail.com)

  3. I was a baby at St. Vincent’s in 1971. I arrived in January and stayed until May. I would love to speak to anyone who may remember a baby named Barbara.

  4. I was a baby there, born in October 1966. Baby Lucretia. I was adopted by my wonderful parents, Edward and Genevieve. They adopted all 6 of my bothers and sisters from St Vincent. Does anyone remember me?

  5. My mom was sent to this orphanage in 1955, all she knows is her birth mothers last name is Komen, she so badly would like to connect with anyone in this family and know something about where she came from, please help if anyone knows anything.

  6. I was born at St. Vincent Orphanage in 1945. My birth mother’s name was Valarie Jozwiak. I would love to find out something about her and her circumstances. I know it’s been a long, long time, but it is very important to me to have some background about her and her family. If you can help me, I would be deeply appreciative. Thank you in advance for any answers.

  7. My Mother was born in 1927 and was given up as an infant trying to find out iany kind of info. Her birth name is Josephine Lopez born Feb. 14 1927. Parents Jose or john Lopez and mother Refugio Vasquez or Valesquez.

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