Mobile Learning (M-Learning)

Handheld devices (PDA, iPhone, Blackberry) have five characteristics that set them apart from desktop computers– portability, accessibility, mobility, adaptability, and affordability. Due to the special characteristics of these devices (such as their reduced computing power or the size of the display), some design considerations must be taken into account when creating applications. From an educational perspective, this allows the students … Read More

FAQ Area

Create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area for students to use in locating self-help answers to questions. Allows the students to look for information first before emailing the instructor. As questions are asked over time and as answers are provided, a comprehensive FAQ will emerge.

e-Portfolios/Presentations (student-developed)/Student web pages/Student Reports

An online space that allows students to send significantly longer responses for other students to view and critique. Can be used at beginning of a course, or for group formation (“home” pages posted by the students that express their different backgrounds) There is an e-portfolio tool called Digication for showcasing and assessing student coursework and for coaching students.

Course Schedule/Syllabus

The online course schedule should list beginning dates and due dates for each module, the assigned reading, the assessment, and other activities. 

Assignment Checklist for Students

Provide an online checklist for the student to use for tracking assignment completion. This should also be print ready. Saves numerous emails from students inquiring about due dates and pleas for deadline extensions.