Vodcast, Recorded or webcam video

A variety of technologies provide faculty low-barrier-to-entrance techniques for improving the instructional effectiveness in the online environment. Vodcasts can be produced using an inexpensive digital recording device (Flipvideo), iMovie for editing and iTunesU for delivery.

Recorded desktop and screen captures, Recorded Screencasts/Recorded Webcasts

Screencasting and screen recording tools give you the possibility to capture videos of either the full area of your computer screen or alternatively of a specific area of your monitor. You can use all of your computer normal functions while screen recording and even record your own audio as you comment and highlight the tasks being carried out.  Also See “Webcasting” … Read More

Lecture, by Expert, Instructor, Teacher

Advantages:  Highly adaptable and flexible (depending on the skills and attitude of the person) Lecturer can have empathy Disadvantages: Same content cannot be delivered every time (unless recorded) Highly dependent on the person’s ability to instruct


Simply speaking, the one universal application that runs across all mobile phones is voice. Some really inventive voice-based training modules can be developed and delivered on mobile phones. If linked to an automated voice system, learners can “call in” for some training. Examples: iPadio, Cellcast web site  Think about the countries that have few computers, but everyone has a phone that handles … Read More

Wiki/Student-created wiki textbooks

Provides groups with collaborative publishing and workspace. Used to enhance interaction in the online learning environment. As knowledge management systems, however, it is critical to understand their inherent issues (accuracy of information, bias, have potential to be accidentally edited or deleted).  also see http://fourthlogic.wordpress.com/2008/12/23/the-wiki-as-an-educational-tool/  Example activity: Have students read information on a given topic, locate five examples of that topic in … Read More

Video Blogging/Vlogging

A form of blogging for which the medium is video. Entries are made regularly and often combine embedded video with supporting text, images, and other metadata. Examples: Yahoo! Videoblogging Group, many open source content management systems enable posting of video content, convergence of mobile phones with digital cameras allow publishing of video content to the Web almost as it is recorded.

Text Chat/instant messaging/text messaging/MOOs and MUDs/Online Office Hours

Similar to discussion forum, only synchronous. Teacher can hold office hours, posted in advance, during specified periods in a chat room. Synchronous interaction is via typing or instant messaging. Students must meet at the same time to participate. Definitions: MUD = Multi-user Dialogue, MOO = MUD, Object-Oriented.  Simulated role portrayal can be facilitated in which instructors create a central theme, … Read More


Develop a survey or questionnaire for your class. Examples: SurveyMonkey