Eighth Station

Jesus Speaks to the Daughters of Jerusalem

Even as many were amazed at Him — so marred was His look beyond that of man, and His appearance beyond that of mortals — so shall He startle many nations, because of Him kings shall stand speechless. (Isaiah 52:14-15) Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me, but weep for yourselves and for your children. (Luke 23:27-30)

Even in His pain and agony He stopped. The women were crying and weeping. He thought not of Himself but of others. The women accepted Him and did not reject Him. He tried to tell them that He was dying for them and all of us. This was His role. We are the ones to be wept for as we reject Him when we do not love each other. We add to His pain when the poor are ignored, when we boast, gossip and forget to love. We should always call Him and serve his poor and not turn from Him. He died for us. We turn from Him. I love you Jesus. Forgive me.

Prayer: My dear Lord and Saviour, how long the walk was. How often I see others’ faults and not my own. I am a sinner and I beg Your forgiveness. Lord, forgive me and teach me to forgive others. Heal my blindness, let me see the goodness and not always look for faults. Let me cry for my own sins and the pain I caused You and continue to cause. Help me to wipe the tears of the poor. Help me to wipe Your tears by serving You in them. Through Your loving presence and saving blood. Amen

Our Father who art in Heaven . . . . Amen

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