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VinFormation is…

a place for online teaching and learning, for spiritual formation in the Vincentian way.

This website:

Presents in new, interactive ways the work of our charism leaders and researchers

Fosters collaboration for formation

Makes educational technologies accessible to Vincentians

Browse resources on: St. Vincent de Paul St. Louise de Marillac St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Bl. Frédéric Ozanam

This site is dedicated to spiritual formation in the way of our founders St. Vincent, St. Louise, St. Elizabeth, and Blessed Frederic. Sharing our Vincentian heritage calls for methods and styles of learning that go beyond classrooms and lectures. And, we believe that learning can be fun!

Our resources are used by priests, sisters, brothers, lay volunteers, missionaries, those working in Vincentian hospitals or sponsored institutions– to enrich their personal growth and help connect our spirituality with their daily ministry. Related links: About Formation, Technology for Formation, What is the Vincentian Charism?

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Attention Vincentians: here are some of the ways we can work with you in creating online Formation resources. Contact Us for more information!


2 Comments on “What Is VinFormation?”

  1. I am confused. St Vincent died in 1660 and the Society was formed in 1833. How can St.Vincent be one of the founders?

    1. Hi Alex, although Frederic Ozanam and his companions, working with Blessed Rosalie Rendu, formed the society in 1833, they modeled their work after St. Vincent de Paul. This video helps explain, especially the part around 1:40 (1 minute 40 seconds).

      Also, the Vincentian Family includes more than the St. Vincent de Paul Society itself- St. Vincent was founder of the Ladies of Charity, Congregation of the Mission, and Daughters of Charity (with St. Louise de Marillac). For more details, go to the Vincentian Family Tree.

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