“You’ll probably be familiar with the song, ‘They’ll know we are Christians by our love.’… Will people know that we’re Vincentian Christians…?” Jon Cornwall, Director of Membership, SVP England and Wales, presents a series of reflections on the way we love, and other threads of our Vincentianism that are worth reflecting on.


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Reflections – Faith and prayer
Using faith and prayer in your daily activity.

Reflections – Open-mindedness and adaptability
Find out why the SVP has so much under its umbrella of support, why we are not just one thing.

Reflections – Confidence to commit
Vincentians’ confidence to commit in service.

Reflections – Sense of scale
Consider the importance of all the little things we do for each other or are done for us.

Reflections – Reflection and thoughtfulness
The importance of discussion, thought, and reflection through various means: prayer, conference meetings, webinars.

Reflections – Kindness
The people around St. Vincent thought he was a kind person, even if he didn’t feel like a kind person himself.

Reflections – Gentle steadfastness
Our humility or our “non-expertise” in helping others actually gives us a great moment of opportunity.

Reflections – Brother and sisterhood
What is fraternity? What does it mean to say ‘my brother/sister’?

Reflections – Empowerment of others
Whenever we’re giving a gift to those we serve, always make sure it’s a dignifying experience. And an experience that draws the person’s own gifts and talents into the process, despite their need. We wish to form communities that help each other.

Reflections – Care for the community
As a Vincentian I don’t just represent myself; I also represent a community who care about you.

Reflections – Organising and Networking
St. Vincent found himself organising, networking, and taking a helicopter view and looking at strategies.

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