Types of Resources on this Site

History Timelines

Illustrated timelines of key persons and events in our history.


PowerPoint style presentations are available on a variety of topics.


Videos, audio and podcasts, arts and music.


Test your knowledge of all things Vincentian with games such as Who Wants to be a Vincentian, Vincentian Jeopardy, and more.


Vincentian reading material in various formats to download and read on Nook, Kindle, iPad, smartphones, etc.

Books, Journals, Arts, CDs, DVDs

Non-computer resources & scholarly journals mostly from DePaul University. Some of this material is also available online.

Prayers and Reflections

Vincentian prayers such as Prayer For Homeless Persons, Prayer Before Home Visitation, etc.

Celebrations and Seasonal Material

Resources for feast days and other celebrations (350th Anniversary, Seton Bicentennial, etc.) and Church seasons (Lent, Advent, etc.)

Audience-Specific Resources

Resources sorted by recommended audience (small group, large group, youth, missionaries, etc.)

Systemic Change Resources

Learn the concepts of Systemic Change.

Shared Stories

Vincentians share stories of their experiences with people living in poverty

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