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  1. Fr. Maloney, I’ve admired your writing via the FAMVIN website. Your work, along with the writings of other Vincentians, formed the basis of the recent “Beacons of Light” TV series I produced, which focuses on the 350th Anniversary of the deaths of Sts. Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac. Another invaluable resource I used was the St. Vincent de Paul Image Archive, De Paul University, Chicago. I encourage you and the Vincentian family to take advantage of the marvelous resources your fellow Vinnies have amassed, which are truly inspiring! “Beacons,” which is produced by the Baton Rouge (LA) Society of St. Vincent de Paul, begins its nation-wide broadcast Monday, September 6 via Boston’ CatholicTV network. I hope the series will receive as many favorable comments via CTV, as it has in Baton Rouge. I also hope it will serve to stimulate someone to develop a new TV/video series, based on the essay you’ve posted. In prayer – best wishes – Connie Anderson

  2. Looking for Vincentian philosophies of education, I was led to Vincentian principles in education and much more… to the Ten Foundational Principles in the Social Teaching in the Church! Indeed, “There is something wonderful about including these principles of Catholic social teaching among the essentials of the faith. By doing so, we affirm that our beliefs are the basis for action”. Thank you very much, Fr. Maloney! We believe that Vincentian education is integral; it leads us the the love and service of God in “our lords masters”.

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