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  1. no, I have not saved the world today. No, I have not volunteered and done something great today. But, yes, I did think.

    I keep on thinking about this over and over and over—women, and their presence as Jesus made his Way to Calvary. I think about this because luckily our Church has a ‘prayer garden’ in back of its layout with the Stations of the Cross. When Mass is over on Sundays, I walk the walk there. And it keeps hitting my thinking mind: women are there at various stations to give him comfort and strength and even, to wipe his face. He meets the Holy Women–and now, I am wondering, who are they? How did they get tht title? He meets Veronica, and she wipes His Face clean, Who is she–how do we know her name? Where did she go? Jesus then meets his Mother–ouch, that had to be painful; for both. Finally, she talks to his Mother and to John after he is up on the cross. 4 locations. 4 meetings with women.

    Where are the men? Where are the Apostles? The women are fearless but the Apostles are hiding, somewhere. They are scared.

    Yet, today, who runs the Holy Church? Men.

    What’s wrong with this reality? gh

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