No-win situation for the homeless

If you’re suddenly facing homelessness, what are your options? To get a sense of this, try the “game” called Hobson’s Choice. Choose the version that works for you:

  1. Desktop
  2. iPhone/iPad
  3. Android or other phone (requires Flash plugin)

Because we work with the poor day in and day out, most Vincentians realize that:

  • Most homeless folks do not look like the “stereotypical homeless guy”: dirty, bearded, and mentally ill, with a bag of liquor.
  • Only around 16% to 18% are chronically homeless; the rest are temporarily going through a tough time in their life; for example they were recently evicted and cannot find housing they can afford.
  • Many live in cars or couch-surf their way through homelessness (the “hidden homeless”).

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