Learning To See Life and Ministry As Parables

The parables of Jesus make up a substantial part of His recorded preaching. All of the great themes of Jesus’ preaching are struck in the parables; they are among the best known of all Jesus’ words. In general terms, a parable is any succinct story which is intended to teach lessons or principles. A parable often involves a character who faces a moral dilemma. Today we feature two presentations by Fr. Dennis Berry, S.T.: St. Louise de Marillac: Her Life As Parable, and St. Vincent’s Life As Parable. These may be downloaded and used for quiet reflection or perhaps with a small group. Tip: Have your Bible handy if you wish to follow along with the Scripture passages as indicated on the slides. What lessons can be learned by observing key points in the lives of St. Vincent and St. Louise? In working with the poor and marginalized, can we find contemporary stories and parables to use in preaching/teaching?

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