Resource for Reflecting Together On Experiences of Ministry

As Vincentians, we perform many acts of charity and service to the poor and the needy. But do we reflect together on our experiences with the poor, often enough? Why not commit, with your community or SVDP conference, each week to share something that was important to you during the past week? It does not have to be something formal or profound– just something important to you; it has to have touched your life in some way. The underlying assumption is that God is there, obliquely or directly in your experience. Usually we hear ourselves say that our lives are far more touched by our neighbors in need, by our our patients, by our students, by others than we imagined. “It is a way of knowing how God is present and active among us, how God is here.” (from Apostolic Reflection by Hugh O’Donnell C.M., Vincentian Heritage Journal Vol. 16-2). Fr. Bruce Krause, C.M. offers some thought-starters in the new presentation 5 Reflections On Our Ministry As Vincentians.

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