2 Comments on “Who Do You Say That I Am?”

  1. I am grateful for the insightful tool for developing Vincentian vision in our service.
    Two comments that came to me as I tried to see how I can use it. I would change it a bit:
    – we are encouraged to use words that are seemingly more respectful. The word “poor” has been replaced in our vocabulary so as to remember they are persons first of all.
    – I would try to use more diversity in the faces of the persons we visit: color, gender.
    Thanks for the presentation and may there be many more to help us share the gift we have received.

  2. Thank you very much Sr. Kathryn- for opening a helpful discussion. Happy you were interested in using this presentation! Yes you have a point about using more current sensitive words. Sometimes we use older source material or official texts that have the word “poor” or “the poor”, “los pobres”, etc. Regarding the photos of persons we visit, we try to show diversity as much as possible. Sometimes there is only a limited number of photos available.

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