Next In Series On Evangelization

Continuing with our theme of Evangelization, here we feature a presentation by Fr. Robert Maloney, C.M.: Systemic Change, St. Vincent de Paul and Evangelization. As Vincentians, we know that our attempts at evangelization are seldom effective if we do not take into consideration the actual people we are addressing; if we do not use their language, their signs and symbols; if we do not answer the questions they ask; and if evangelization does not have an impact on their concrete life. They, and we, must see the link between evangelization and action for justice. It was clear to St. Vincent (just as it is clear to us) that it is useless to tell people that they are children of God and that Christ died for them if those people are dying of hunger.

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  1. St John Chrysostom said it best when he advised that before you invest in golden chalices, feed the hungry so that may be better able to receive the word of God.

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