What Made the Daughters of Charity Different From Their Predecessors?

Their social and economic status (peasant girls); their practice of simple annual vows, as opposed to perpetual vows; their choice to wear the clothes of that day, to enable them to function more easily; their ability to move freely through the streets and hospital wards, as opposed to a cloister. In celebration of the founding of the Daughters of Charity on Nov. 29, 1633, may we recommend the informative video series Conversations With Elisabeth Charpy, D.C. in which Sr. Elisabeth describes the early history of the Daughters, and also the video Origins of the Daughters of Charity.

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  1. Thanks Georgia- the Daughters and the Vincentian Family have lots to celebrate at this time of year. St. Catherine Labouré, Miraculous Medal, Founding of the Daughters, First Sunday of Advent, Year of Consecrated Life…

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