Celebrating 170 Years of St. Vincent de Paul in the U.S.: What You Can Do

This week, we invite everyone to learn more about the Society and how you can help. Please consider doing something in honor of the anniversary:

  • Watch a short video or presentation about the Society or its founders (a list of online resources is here)
  • Find out where the St. Vincent de Paul thrift stores are in your area and do some Christmas or other shopping there.
  • Support your Parish Conference, or the nearest one to you, by making a financial gift, donating clothing or household goods, or donating a vehicle for a tax deduction.
  • Consider becoming a volunteer, whether by working a few hours a week in a store or food pantry, or as a home visitor. The experience of working face to face with persons living in poverty will change your life!
  • Are you a lawyer, health care professional, accountant, teacher, or just a good listener? Donating some of your time and expertise could make a huge difference to those who have few resources. Contact your local Society.
  • Sign up for Capwiz©, an online system that allows you to reach out to lawmakers when there is legislative activity ― or lack of it ― that affects those living in poverty.
  • If you know someone in your parish who needs help, contact the Society.

On behalf of those we serve, thank you!

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