Usually with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul we focus on the home visit, and rightfully so, since face-to-face visits are at the heart of the Society’s work. The following testimony is a little different, in that Matt Dileo of Vinnies Australia talks about his work in summer camps and tutoring with children’s groups– another way of “walking along with the person we’re helping out” and getting to know them.

He also tells a quick story of the foundation of the Society in his own words, and touches on the challenges of juggling work and other activities as a young adult lay Vincentian.

“Much like St Vincent de Paul Society Founder, Frederic Ozanam, this year’s Rising Vincentian, Matt Dileo first became involved as a university student. He is having an impact with Young Vinnies’ Special Works and is often struck by the challenges young children we help face, not to mention their incredible resilience and insight.”

– Source: YouTube/VinniesVictoria


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