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Over four hundred years ago a smart and ambitious young man, Vincent de Paul, started to become aware of the suffering and abandonment of poor and marginalized people and decided to consecrate his life to serve them. It was 1617. Today over four million people follow in his steps. The Vincentian family (also known as “Famvin”) today is large, multicultural, multilingual, and prophetic with more than 150 branches all over the world. Our office is currently surveying and cataloging these branches who claim a common Vincentian heritage.

This site is dedicated to ongoing spiritual formation in the Vincentian charism. We believe that:

  • there is an immediate need for effective Vincentian formation materials
  • adults learn differently than traditional learners
  • learning can be fun!

Persons learn in different ways. For example, some prefer audio learning, others favor visual, still others hands-on experiences. Then there are those who opt for reading and personal reflection.

Here you will find a variety of activities designed with adult learning styles in mind.

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