What is Vincentian Formation?

The ongoing process of growing and developing in the tradition, spirit, and spirituality of St. Vincent de Paul.

Our Need for Formation

  • Formation appeals to the whole person: heart, mind and soul. It leads a person to a way of life, and supports our call to grow in holiness.
  • We need to presence Christ to others, especially the Christ whom St. Vincent de Paul so identified himself with: Jesus Christ, the Evangelizer of the Poor.
  • Like the disciples caught by a storm at sea, the constant changes in our lives and those whom we are privileged to serve necessitate ongoing formation.

Challenges with Regard to Formation

  • There is a preference of many to want to serve, and we see little need for formation. We easily overlook the call to holiness.
  • There is a strong dichotomy between ministry and formation/spirituality. People have difficulties making connections between the two.
  • Many of us have had negative experiences of education, not conducive to adult ways of learning.
  • Resources and opportunities for formation do not always reach everyone.

An excellent starting point for Vincentian Formation is this presentation by Fr. Dennis Holtschneider.

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