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It could be said that Blessed Pier Giorgio’s contemplative life had roots in Jesuit, Dominican and Salesian spirituality. But his active life of service among the poor was the fruit of his Vincentian connection.

Interestingly, he was introduced to the conferences of St. Vincent de Paul while studying at the Jesuit school after failing Latin a second time at age 16. He joined his first Vincentian conference and attended meetings there at the Istituto Sociale… the commitment required meeting one day a week. Afterward, Pier Giorgio would visit the families who were assigned to him. He was known to have names and addresses of people in need of help on pieces of paper in his pockets on any given day. He was very committed to this even to the point of not leaving the city for family vacations.

Get to know this Vincentian Family Blessed who teaches us that holiness is possible for everyone! Watch this fantastic video by Frassati USA:

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