If we search together for God, we can see that God is there in all the events of our lives, and especially in the persons and situations of the poor and vulnerable. That is what we are trying to identify in the process called Apostolic Reflection. It is already part of many St. Vincent de Paul Society conference meetings, and Ladies of Charity meetings, when we share stories of our encounters with those we serve. Here is a simple PowerPoint to guide your group step by step in this process of reflection. Give it a try!

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2 Comments on “Simple Guide to Apostolic Reflection”

  1. Thank you very much for all your presentations. Viewing them from time to time deepened my Vincentian Spirit being a Daughter of Charity currently missioned with old persons who are abandoned, indigent or neglected. God bless all your endeavors and plans with favorable interventions to touch more persons in search of authenticity in their living out the Gospel as St. Vincent, St. Louise and all Vincentian Saints and Blessed did. God be with you all!

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