Who Wants To Be a Vincentian? St. Catherine Labouré, D.C.
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Catherine was baptized on the day of her birth, and was given the baptismal name of a local saint. She was often referred to by this name. Who was this saint?
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Catherine chose the Daughters of Charity after what experience?
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What did Catherine spend most of her life doing in Reuilly near Paris?
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In her second apparition to Catherine on November 27, 1830, she saw Mary standing on what?
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Catherine’s mother, Madeleine, had a total of how many children?
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What wording on the Miraculous Medal that Catherine urged her spiritual advisor to have struck would be influential in Pope Pius IX’s later proclamation of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception?
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On the back of the Miraculous Medal appears what capital letter?
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Who was a contemporary saint of St. Vincent de Paul, and came from a village very near where Catherine was born and raised?
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3 Comments on “St. Catherine Labouré Quiz”

  1. Thank you for encouraging us to learn our Vincentian saints. God bless you! I am excited answering this and know my result and be very sad if I made mistakes.

  2. Yes, thanks St. Catherine! I’m excited & at the same worried to fail while doing this quiz. But at least I know I haven’t forgotten what I learned about you.

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