Who Wants To Be a Vincentian? St. Francis Regis Clet, C.M.
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Near what city was St. Francis Regis Clet born that would many years later be the site for the Winter Olympics?
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Francis was born in 1748 and was named after a recently canonized saint from Grenoble - Jean Francois Regis. He was the tenth of how many children?
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After ordination to the priesthood in 1773 he taught moral theology at the Vincentian seminary in Annecy where he was affectionately called:
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While serving as rector of the seminary and director of novices, he petitioned his community to do the following:
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Francis, never truly proficient in Chinese, nevertheless served in the Hopei Province over how many square miles:
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Francis was accused of deceiving the Chinese people and was sentenced to death by strangulation on a cross. What was his crime?
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Like Jesus, Francis was:
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  1. Sent up ‘dinning’ room with brother Al Smith at St Vincent’s in Philly, what an inspiring man. 35 years ago

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