St. Louise took an interest in all the troubles and needs of the poor, and was able to say with Paul, “Who is weak and sick, and I am not weak and sick with him?” (2 Cor 11:29).

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Our founders and the early Vincentians offer many lessons:


Proper attitude

  • Thank God for your own good health and use it to serve the sick
  • Keep well for love of God and the poor
  • If you must suffer, make good use of it
  • A plague proved their charity
  • The strength to bear the fear of danger
  • Remain humble, keep going


  • Going out to find the Son of God in the sick
  • Charity+Mission (assist the sick both corporally and spiritually)
  • Sharing Faith and Hope with those who are sick
  • Bringing the Good News of Jesus to the dying
  • Accompanying those who have recovered

Taking Action

  • Our Lord wants to use you
  • Practice charity all the days of your life
  • Pay attention to others who are suffering and address their needs

Organization and Leadership

  • Women came forward to meet a need
  • Sts. Vincent and Louise were brilliant organizers
  • St. Louise assembled and trained those willing to join her
  • A company of women, backed by women (Daughters of Charity financed by Ladies of Charity)
  • Vincentian collaboration (CM, DC, LOC)
  • Sharing best practices with the confraternities in different locations
  • Always evaluating and improving the work


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