NAME OF SYSTEMIC CHANGE PROJECT: NativityMiguel Network of Schools

PROJECT ADDRESS: 900 Varnum Street NE, Washington, DC 20017



The NativityMiguel Network of Schools was established in July, 2006, to guide and strengthen the development of a growing network of schools across the country that are designed to provide families struggling in impoverished neighborhoods with a high quality education. Today, the Network serves 64 middle schools in 27 states, 5,000 students each year, and a growing number of graduates that already surpasses 5,000.

The students come from many of the country’s poorest communities and challenged academic environments. However, thousands of our students are successful, 79% of Network students graduate from high school in 4 years, and 49% of engaged alumni who continue to be empowered, encouraged, and nurtured by support staff are graduates of colleges or trade institutions. These rates are nearly 20% higher than the national average for low-income students. Each NativityMiguel school adheres to the Nine Mission Effectiveness Standards which include:

  • Extended Day and Year: A NativityMiguel School extends the hours and days that a student is in session and offers structured opportunities for learning, enrichment, and growth during that time.
  • Faith-based education: Our schools’ mission is explicitly faith based & addresses the spiritual, moral, and emotional development of students as well as academic, physical, and social needs.
  • Serving the economically poor and marginalized: Non tuition-based education for students from low-income families in impoverished communities are served, which reflects the faith, cultural, and racial demographics of local communities.

Example: De Marillac Academy • 175 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94102 • Tel: (415) 552-5220

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