Questions for dialogue:

After watching this video together, let us discuss with these suggestions:

  1. What main ideas do we get from this video?
  2. How can we implement them in our reality?
  3. Are we adapting our actions with new means according to the current times?
  4. In what “new poverties” are we working, as Vincentians?

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About Trivigliano – Communities in dialogue (translation of text from their website)

The Community in Dialogue is “a group of people who struggle to be themselves, to regain that dignity that makes man great, every man, whatever his story, whatever his wounds”.

Because … “every man has his wounds

and each is wounded

where he was not loved “.

It is an intense life experience that allows everyone to find the best part of themselves: the one that makes us more honest, more sincere, more authentic, freer. A radical change in the way of conceiving existence that affects the use of substances, whatever they are, to the heart. You will no longer take drugs simply because you no longer need them.

One has learned to live one’s existence fully.

We turn to men and women who, in the experience of their own human poverty, choose, together with others, to believe in love and in the values ​​of life. In particular to those who most clearly represent the spiritual crisis of our society and are at the same time witnesses and victims: drug addicts, alcoholics and people with psycho-social and behavioral discomfort.

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