Lent is a penitential season of Catholic religious practices, the sacraments, and devotion such as daily Mass, Confession, the Stations of the Cross, and acts of self-denial, along with our Vincentian works of charity and justice.

Lent reminds us to take time for God and reflect. To aid us in this, many online resources are available. Here, Bishop Barron reflects on the Stations of the Cross. Perhaps reflect on each station as a group (for example your conference of the St. Vincent de Paul Society).

Quotes of St. Vincent:

How happy are those who bear their cross lovingly in imitation of the Master (IV:283).
No matter where we are or what we are doing, we will always be tempted and distressed; that is our cross. If we wish to follow Jesus Christ, we must carry it (I:562).

Our happiness lies in the Cross and Our Lord willed to enter His glory only through difficult things He endured (VII:246).

The suffering of Our Lord caused His words to bear fruit, and your crosses will likewise cause the seed you sow to bear fruit in hearts (V:547).

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