ALCUS Established

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The national organization, Association of the Ladies of Charity United States (ALCUS) was established. A National Service Center was established at Guardian Angel Settlement in St. Louis, Missouri. Sr. Catherine Sullivan D.C. was instrumental in helping the ladies establish ALCUS. There was a 3-fold purpose: to serve as a bond between the associations of the Ladies of Charity in the United States and the International Headquarters in Paris, France; to promote unity among the associations in the exercise of charity according to the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul through personal service to the poor; and to encourage the activities of the associations in existence and to assist in the organization of new ones. The first National Assembly was held in 1960 in New York City. 250 members from 17 dioceses (representing 13 states and the District of Columbia) were in attendance. Mrs. Diane Downey became the first National President. The assembly was held in conjunction with the National Council of Catholic Charities. The governing laws were read and ratified by delegates representing the local associations. The national association continued to hold biennial assemblies with Catholic Charities until 1998.

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