Before You Begin

You may be feeling a bit apprehensive about what you are about to undertake. However once you get started you will likely move past these initial concerns quickly.

General Guidelines

The first time you speak with your mentee, you may want to tell them how you are looking forward to the process, why you decided to become a mentor, and what you are hoping to get out of it- a mutual supportive relationship which results in spiritual growth for you both.

After that, make it a point to respond to any mentee contact promptly. If you are unusually busy, please acknowledge their message, and say when you will be able to respond in more detail.

Your Objectives

  • To assist the mentee in his or her appropriation of the significance of experiences of ministry (e.g., He or she can eventually answer, “Why is this experience of ministry especially important to him or her?”);
  • To expand the mentee’s understanding of a ministerial experience in light of Scripture, etc. mentioned above (in other words, these are lenses by which he or she can further interpret the experience);
  • To familiarize the mentee with the process of “apostolic reflection” in the Vincentian tradition; (It is hoped that the mentee will eventually develop the skills to do this on his or her own and/or with others); and
  • To help facilitate a process of discernment whereby the mentee can clarify future directions in ministry and areas of personal transformation (for mission effectiveness).

What Online Mentoring is Not

  • Counseling
  • Problem-Solving (either personal and/or ministerial)

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