In this video, Elizabeth Ann Seton reflects upon her journey from New York to 600 N. Paca Street in Baltimore, Maryland, where she was invited by the Sulpician Fathers to establish a school for girls within St. Mary’s Seminary (est. 1791). She moved into what is now known as The Mother Seton House (1808). She will eventually take her vows in the Lower Chapel of St. Mary’s Chapel (1809) being built as she arrived in Baltimore.

In the next video, Elizabeth Ann Seton looks back upon a “troubled and confusing life” in New York and Italy and contrasts that with the warm reception she received from the Sulpician Fathers of St. Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore. She briefly describes (in 1808) what is nowadays known as “The Mother Seton House” and even recounts some of the day-to-day costs she has negotiated by buying “bulk”.

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