In an article translated from the Diccionario de Espiritualidad Vicenciana, J. F. Gazziello, CM notes:

It is the love of Christ that leads Vincent to love the poor. As he loved and served the poor he came to a true appreciation of God’s love (Cf., Matthew 25:31): “You must always remember that your principal concern, which God asks especially of you, is to be very attentive in serving the poor, who are our lords. Oh yes, Sisters! They are our masters. That is why you must treat them gently and kindly, reflecting that this is why God has brought you together; and why he formed your Company. You must see that, as far as in you lies, they want for nothing, both regard to their physical health and for the salvation of their souls. How blessed are you, Sisters, that God has destined you for this for your entire life!” (CCD:IX:97)

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