Learn About Microfinancing

A way to help people in need

Learn how to invest small amounts in businesses throughout the world, for the long-term benefit of those in need.


Zafen builds an internet pathway between the Worldwide Vincentian Family and Haiti.

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What is it? What are the benefits and risks of microlending?
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Empowering the World’s Poorest People

Learn why microfinance is often considered one of the most effective, flexible, and sustainable strategies in the fight against global poverty.
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Microfinance Distance Learning Course

The United Nations Capital Development Fund offers a free online course which explains the basics of microfinance in an audio-visual format.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Microfinance

KIVA helps answer some of your questions about microfinance.
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NY TImes Video: “Do-it-Yourself Foreign Aid”

Journalist Nicholas D. Kristof shows how we can help.
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GLOBE, a student-managed academic program at St. John’s University, provides loans to entrepreneurs in the developing world. Through GLOBE, students are educated about the world of microfinance while helping the poorest of the poor help themselves and their families out of poverty. Student management permits a low-cost administrative structure with very little overhead costs. The Daughters of Charity act as field partners and identify worthy loan candidates, make recommendations, disseminate funds and collect loan repayments in an ongoing effort to reduce poverty and distress in the communities in which they work.

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