This hour-long panel discussion, held during Vincentian Week, September 2009, is meant to acquaint faculty with the richness of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition.

Using a paper by Dr. David L. Gregory, Ph.D., entitled “Antoine Frederic Ozanam: Building the Good Society,” Dr. Raymond Sickinger, Ph.D., led a discussion on the work of Bl. Frédéric Ozanam, covering many topics rich in the Vincentian and Catholic traditions. Several professors from Niagara University also participated as panelists.

Lessons and Legacies:

  • Charity linked to community, relationship
  • Charity intimately linked to justice
  • Regeneration of society not by rehabilitating the needy, but by changing society that does not respond to the needy


This audio presentation, by Dr. Sickinger, focuses on how the experience of service transformed Frédéric Ozanam and led him in his personal development to anticipate many of the elements of Catholic Social Thought. Moreover, his pursuit of a life of good and the common good as outlined in Dr. Gregory’s article is directly related to his service experiences, reflected on and informed by the Vincentian Spirituality that he and his friends followed.

Video Excerpts

Compartmentalizing Our Lives

Ozanam and Politics

Practice and Theory: Ozanam’s Way

Reasons, Motivations For Doing Service

St. Vincent’s Influence on Ozanam

Underestimating the Young

Ozanam’s Short Life, Trust in Providence

Lack of Formation for SVDPS Members

Rapid Growth of SVDPS, Role of Laity

Specialization, Responsibility

Political Aspect of SVDPS, Advocacy Role

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    1. You’re right Sue, I never noticed quite how low the volume was. It was because of the way the original recording was made, but I have found a way to increase the volume. One by one I am replacing them. The first two are done at this point. The rest will be upgraded hopefully by the end of today. Thank you for the comment– it’s a great improvement– many more can now listen without straining to hear everything!

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