Sean Patrick Sanford

Sean Patrick Sanford speaks about current trends emerging in the Church and the world that impact our approach to ministry. He references the book “The Future Church” by John L. Allen Jr. and The 7 Revolutions Project from the Center for Strategic and International Studies, which examines paradigm shifts in our world.

Sr. Mary Lou Stubbs

Sister Mary Lou answers the question “What are some of the key principles in systemic change initiatives?”. She speaks of 5 steps involved in systemic change: Identify the Issues, Find the Infrasystems, Use the See-Judge-Act Process, Seek Out Root Causes, and Use Advocacy on Multiple Levels.

Response from Sanford, Stubbs

Sean Sanford and Sr. Mary Lou Stubbs respond to each other’s presentations.

Michael Burke

Michael Burke answers the question “Why is it so important to engage those living in poverty themselves in poverty eradication initiatives?”

Fr. Perry Henry, CM

Father Perry speaks about why we engage the poor themselves in the struggle, our relationships with the poor, and our understanding and appreciation of the issues they face.

Mary Ann Dantuono

Mary Ann answers the question “How is advocacy an element of systemic change?”

Wrap-Ups from Burke, Dantuono, Henry

Michael Burke speaks about the ups and downs of partnering with government entities, and the disproportionate number of women living in poverty. Mary Ann Dantuono notes that the government does not supply a 100% solution, furthermore we as Vincentians have to take our “seat at the public policy table” to ensure enough funding is made available for housing, for example. She stresses that Vincentians need to become involved in government in the role of experts on poverty. Next Fr. Perry speaks of the continuum from direct service to advocacy to systemic change.

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