What is the goal of THIS particular training session/presentation? It may be different or only a part of your over-arching goal, but try to focus on what you specifically want to accomplish at this meeting/training and how it fits in with the over-arching goal.

What is/are the key point/s participants should have when they walk out of the room? Then BE SURE TO TELL YOUR AUDIENCE! (Maybe you want them to walk out understanding the 10 seeds, maybe you want them to walk out asking themselves what could be done differently, etc.)

Likely training goals springing from the Vincentian Family Systemic Change Meeting:

  1. To educate people on the basic concepts of Systemic Change, and/or to share information about what the Vincentian Family is doing world-wide
  2. To provide a catalyst/opportunity for Vincentian Family members to think creatively about what types of systemic change projects could be started within their local community/service area
  3. To think critically about an existing ministry in light of the Systemic Change concepts and/or to work on effecting a change within the existing service model of a particular project

Shared by Sr. Salvatrice Murphy, DC

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One Comment on “Tips & Suggestions for Systemic Change Trainers”

  1. In some religious groups, some members like to challenge me when i talk about unity, peace, love, mercy and compassion for everyone whether good or bad by man’s measurement. I talk about God’s unconditional love for every one and equal worth for everyone – no special privilege, position or favoritism for anyone.
    Therefore, i cannot sit around a conference table and pat myself on the back and say that our conference is number one and the others will be jealous because of the awards we are going to get. In God’s eyes all conferences are number one. I serve the Lord because i just have the plain love to do His will.

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