An international publication entitled “Charity-Mission”, in honor of the 350th anniversary of Saint Vincent and Saint Louise’s birth into eternal life, is now available. The booklet has been published in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Polish, Slovakian and Chinese. Below you will find several pages in various languages that serve as a sample of this booklet.

For more information and for orders, please contact the following address:

Michel Tritscher
Editions du Signe
1, rue Alfred Kastler
BP 94 Eckbolsheim
67038 STRASBOURG Cedex 2
Tel: 0033 3 88 78 91 80

The price of the booklet varies from 2 € each to a maximum cost of 3.50 € each, depending on the country placing the order and the number of copies requested. It is possible, with an additional charge from the publisher, Editions du Signe, to insert supplemental pages into the booklet in order to present your local content information.


English España France Italia Polska Portugal


Sample Pages:

中国 Italia English

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