4 Comments on “February 1: Feast of the Martyrs of Angers”

  1. What a great story of heritage and courage. they died for the faith and need to be elevated from Blessed to Saints each. and all connected, especially to the Vincentiam charism, need to see the presentation and read it all.

  2. Sometimes, when we do not know details, the horrors of the French Revolution are lost to us. I truly appreciate all the details given in this presentation. Thanks to the writer and to the presenter of this information. I know I am richer for this knowledge.

    I have just one question: it says early in this slide show that the Sisters had to give up wearing the Habit. So, why are they shown wearing it at their execution?

  3. I’m not sure. Could be “artistic license” on the part of the painter, or maybe they refused to give up their habits?

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