Points taken from Lenten Letter dated 17 Feburary, 2010 by Superior General G. Gregory Gay, CM. View the letter

Promoting new life through non-violent means

Non-violence towards each other

  • Greater attempt to understand one another and our relationships as human beings in the political social and economic fields.
  • Create harmony based on our diversity, rather than diversity being the justification for violence
  • Horizontal dimensions rather than hierarchical structures
  • Round-table discussions where all including the poor & marginalized are given the chance to express themselves as equals
  • Deconstruct image of enemy, respect for contrary opinions as able to contribute to the construction of the truth

Non-violence towards the planet

  • Care for the planet: Humanity has dominated the planet to its detriment
  • Harmony with nature is an alternative to the need to harness and dominate nature
  • If we neglect to care for our planet, there is greater likelihood that the poor will suffer the most
  • We must share creation’s resources in solidarity
  • The world’s system focuses too much on efficiency and economic good without sufficiently considering the impact on the planet, particularly on the poor (opportunity for systemic change)

Building new life out of fragility

Jesus’ fragility

  • Most concretely expressed as he gives up his spirit after the experience of his own passion prior to and on the cross itself.
  • Emptied himself becoming nothing in order to make of us something through the fullness of life in the resurrection.
  • He washed the feet of his disciples, an act that would only be carried out in his time by slaves.
  • He shows us fragility as means of building new life.

Our fragility and that of others

  • Saint Vincent, in his writings to both the confreres and the Daughters of Charity called us to be unworthy servants, seeking lowly places.
  • We are called to put ourselves below the poor and at their service.
  • Through our own fragility we respond to the fragile state of the world and of all creation.
  • Haiti tragedy is an example of putting aside our differences in order that the most fragile among us might be cared for.

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