5 Comments on “Mission and Charity: The Evolution of St. Vincent de Paul’s Spiritual Vision”

  1. Presentación muy bonita; con el idoima tuve dificultades : soy una aprendiz, como Margarita Naseau

  2. This is a thought provoking presentation that illustrates the Spirit work in Vincent and how all his holiness was process…I was surprised to learn that the Charity aspect came after the Mission; had always thought they came together. It certainly honors Louise’s influence on Vincent and Vincent’s respect for her community.Thank you for this new vision of our founder.

    1. Yes Sr. Marguerite. Many thanks to Fr. Jaime Corera, CM who researched and wrote the text of this video presentation. It is indeed thought-provoking.

  3. It was a beautiful presentation explaining what it means when we say “Vicentian Spirutuality”,
    But i would like to be clarified on one point. It presents that Louise and Margaruite and ladies of charity gave this new vision of charity to Vincent. But my a little knowledge of St.Vincent’s life make me to think otherwise. It was Vincent who organised the ladies of Charity at Chatilon, moved by his love for the poor, it was Vincent who helped Lousie to go out to the poor forgetting her own little pains and complaints, it was Vincent who broght Margart to paris to help in the works of ladies of Charity.
    Surly Vincent would have not done all the works of Charity without them, but to say that it is they who brought Vincent to his vision of charity, i find it difficult to understand.
    Fr.Binoy Puthussery CM

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