The inspiring adventure of the origins of each of the congregations of the Sisters of Charity Federation in North America. Learn where and when each congregation began, key figures in their histories, and what needs they filled (for example: caring for orphans after a cholera epidemic, educating children, responding to the needs of those who were poor, immigrants, etc.). Special thanks to Denise Gallo, Sr. Judith Metz, S.C. and Sr. Julie Cutter, D.C. for assisting with the creation of this video.

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2 Comments on “Sisters of Charity Federation: History”

  1. This was a wonderful video of the history of the Federation. Many thanks to all who worked to accomplish it.
    Sr. Catherine, S.C.

  2. Thank you, Sr. Catherine! It was a team effort & a labor of love. Hope to produce more like this in the future.

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