Who Wants To Be a Vincentian? St. Vincent's Influences
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St. Vincent de Paul knew this saint. He was known for his meekness and was the Bishop of Geneva. He wrote a best seller in his day for lay persons. Who was he?
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This saint also influenced St. Vincent's Life. He did much to develop a theology of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary. Who was he?
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This person was St. Vincent's spiritual director for a short time. He was a key promoter of the French School of Spirituality during Vincent's lifetime. He was also a Cardinal. Who was he?
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This saint was a promoter of reform, established the Visitation Monastery, and a contemporary of St. Vincent. Vincent was the spiritual director for this community of women for a time. Who was she?
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This priest, while never canonized, had a great influence upon Vincent as his spiritual director. Who was he?
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This prominent family in France during Vincent's early years would be most influential in helping to establish the Congregation of the Mission.
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