Here’s a lighthearted look at our Vincentian heroes, as they might have appeared on Hollywood movie posters. (Click to enlarge.)


Pop culture permeates the everyday lives of our society. We’re obsessed with movie stars, sports heroes, wealthy celebrities, and other people who get too much press. We live in a world of dumbing down, sound bites, and superficiality. How often do we hear about the Holy Men and Women who were the light of Christ for others? Do we talk about God, or about America’s Next Superstar, America’s Next Top Model, etc.?

Are you inspired by the lives of the Saints? Why should we regard them as our models or examples? They are our models in the sense that they lead us to holiness. Even now they can support us through their intercession so that we may strengthen and courageously practice our Christian beliefs.

Finally, the vitality of the Vincentian Family today depends on its members moving beyond merely honoring tradition in order to be impelled anew by love of God and neighbor. What about the unsung heroes, the ordinary men and women who live extraordinary lives? Who will be our next Vincentian Superstars?


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