This short animation helps illustrate the meaning of systemic change.

Thought Starters

Systemic Change is about transforming structures (the wheel into the ladder), collaboration (the others rushing in to assist), and the involvement of the poor themselves in their own solution (the man climbs out of poverty himself, with the helpers holding the ladder in a supportive role).

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5 Comments on “Animated Short Story: Concept of Systemic Change”

  1. I propose that we cooperate with similar organizations fighting poverty like FCLN (Quakers), Oxfam, Network, etc.
    It seems obvious that one way to change the economic structures that are actually manufacturing poverty, monopolizing most of the wealth in very few hands, and obstructing economic equality and health is through politics. John Paul II said in one ocassion: “Politics is the highest form of charity”. And to be effective we need to be united and act in unison.
    Another sine que non condition is to dismantle the lies and myths propagated by the media and stick to the truth. “I am the way, the truth and the life” “The truth will make you free”. What is stopping us? Why are we so slow to act? Jesus Christ is suffering, is dying, is hungry, naked, marginalized, divided…here in our country and- many times thanks to the political, economical and cultural decisions taken in our country- all over the world! And we, Christ’s own mystical body on earth don’t seem to notice… Or have we no faith? If we really believed it was Jesus himself suffering all this, wouldn’t we rush like the Samaritan and do all things possible to help Him? We don’t need to reinvent the wheel! What we need to do to be a neighbor to Jesus(the poor) , to change the sinful structures we live under, the status quo, the” established dis-order” is clear! The analysis has been done, our faith has given the judgement, the veredict. What is next is ACTION! If not us, Who? If not now When?

    1. Thank you Jenaro, for sharing these thoughtful observations. Yes, through this website we can teach concepts but they mean nothing without action.

  2. Thank you Jenaro for your observations.We need to think and pray about how the wealth or even health schemes could be more evenly distributed.Some good thinking and trying is going on in our National Council and in our Conferences.One thought I would like to leave is that all of us in US Conferences could try to train people for employable positions.

  3. Irudayam, good point. My conference is teaching families to keep honey bees and giving them 5 hives to get started along with the protective equipment. Honey prices are at all time highs. Although not a universal solution perhaps other conferences can think of better employment opportunities.

  4. Jenaro,

    You certainly are right that we need to collaborate better and take a view that truly helps people find their road to sefl-sufficiency. Our Voice of the Poor effort in the US is always looking for more help.

    Please let us know what we should be working on and how you can help.

    God Bless,


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