vierge-medailrefIn our Vincentian family we make great use of the title of Mary as Immaculate, as well as that of “Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.” The Daughters of Charity have had in their Book of Prayer a text called “Most Holy Virgin,” which some believe was written by St. Louise herself (though Fr. Antonino Orajo, CM, who studied this prayer, does not seem to think so). They have used it since 1810 as a prayer between the mysteries of the Rosary. It says:

Most Holy Virgin, I believe and confess your holy and Immaculate Conception. Pure and without stain, most Holy Virgin, through your Immaculate Conception, through your perpetual virginity, through your unique privilege as Mother of God, obtain for me from your Divine Son humility, simplicity, charity; great purity of mind, heart and body; a great love for my dear vocation; the gift of prayer; a good life, and a happy death.

This prayer recognizes the gifts that God has given to Mary. In view of these gifts those who pray turn to her as an intercessor with Jesus the virtues necessary to serve the poor; that purity which enables them “to see God;” fidelity to their life of service (impelled by the charity of Christ); the ability to pray in good, bad, indifferent, and threatening times; and a life well lived as well as a death that leads them into the Beatific Vision.

Full article from Fr. Bob Stone, CM

According to the words of St. Vincent, she, more than all other believers, penetrated the meaning and lived out the teaching of the gospel. We should express our love for the Immaculate Virgin Mary in many different ways, celebrating her feasts with devotion and praying to her frequently, especially through the rosary. We should make widely known the special message expressed through her maternal care by the Miraculous Medal.

Mary In the Vincentian Tradition by Fr. Tom McKenna, CM

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    1. This graphic was from a CD I received from a Vincentian priest. The information (in French) states: “Notre-Dame de la Médaille Miraculeuse. Toile du Frère François. Réfectoire de la Maison-Mère CM. de Paris.”

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