Elements of a Vincentian Family group (formulated by the National Vincentian Family Formation Committee of the US):

The Vincentian way of life is incarnational. It calls members to:

  • A personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the source and model of all charity.
  • Put on the mind and heart of Jesus Christ and proclaim the reign of God.
  • Be available to go to the most vulnerable and to recognize the places of the marginalized as HOLY PLACES.
  • Evangelize and be evangelized by those who live in poverty.
  • See Jesus Christ crucified in all who suffer.
  • A sense of community that supports us in our faith and service.
  • Be rooted in the Gospel especially as it is proclaimed in Luke 4:1, 6-21;
    Luke 9:1-6; Luke 10: 25-37; Matthew 25: 31-40.
  • Trust in Providence.
  • Be impelled by the love of Jesus Christ in all our relationships.
  • Love affectively and effectively with compassion, respect and devotion.
  • Serve in a spirit of humility, simplicity, and charity.
  • Challenge, in the spirit of Catholic Social Teachings, social systems that oppress those living in poverty through advocacy efforts.
  • Follow Mary as the model of discipleship and model of Vincentian spirituality.

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