Pier Giorgio Frassati, the son of a prestigious politician and newspaper man, was wealthy enough to do anything he wanted, but he chose the narrow path. He loved the poor, was a member of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, and is a model for young people everywhere.

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“Dear young people, the Church needs genuine witnesses for the new evangelization: men and women whose lives have been transformed by meeting with Jesus, men and women who are capable of communicating this experience to others. The Church needs saints. All are called to holiness, and holy people alone can renew humanity. Many have gone before us along this path of Gospel heroism, and I urge you to turn often to them to pray for their intercession.”

– Pope Benedict XVI, from opening ceremonies for World Youth Day 2005

“May all the young people […] and those of us who have been young for a while, find in Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati what Jesus’ Sermon on a Galilean hillside really meant. Pray for us, Pier Giorgio Frassati. Show us the way ‘verso l’alto’, upward to heaven and deep into the heart of God. Teach us how to be Saints for the Church and for the world!”

– Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB, World Youth Day 2008


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