In this video St. Vincent contemplates the Incarnation.

Questions for reflection and dialogue (from Au temps de St Vincent-de-Paul … et aujourd’hui)

  1. How do I understand the phrase: The Word became flesh? How do I give meaning to this understanding in my life and my activity?
  2. “The Word made his dwelling among us!” Can these words lead us to a more profound reflection and a deeper commitment to our vocation? Can these words change our way of being present in the midst of the world?
  3. Vincent was convinced of the importance of the Incarnation for his various foundations … what importance do we give to the Incarnation?

Superior General’s Advent Letter on a similar theme

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One Comment on “St. Vincent on the Incarnation: Video”

  1. This is the best site for good news and joy and love–it is always an upper to read what VdeP says and how he saw the world of his time–a problem that Jesus and his Mom can solve. Thank you, Padre! It is Sunday morning and I spent it throwing up, after last night of being pretty unable to get my husband into bed and fearing he would fall. So, I read what VdeP says: and I am much, much better! Honestly! Georgia

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