St. Louise: Healer, Sister, Friend

PowerPoint presentation tracing the history of medicine/health care, the realities of 17th century France (helps put our current crisis in perspective), and the example of St. Louise which helps us in our ministry with those who are poor and ill. See the presentation

Mortification: A Condition For Following Jesus

In “The Way of St. Vincent Is Our Way”, Miguel Pérez Flores, C.M. & Antonino Orcajo, C.M. explain that Saint Vincent did not impose difficult or burdensome mortifications and austerities. Rather, he invited us to have great esteem for practicing mortification in a spirit of penance. See the presentation

Mary, Mother of the Church

Sr. Regina Bechtle, S.C. reflects on Mary in the Wedding at Cana, Mary as part of the community of disciples after the Resurrection, and Mary through the eyes of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. See the presentation